Monday, October 19, 2009

"A radical evolution from the spit handshake or blood brothers ritual, Biojewlery uses lab grown human bone tissue as a design material. Their intention is to have nuptial rings created from the bone tissue of both people to be wed. Now that the Modern Primitives are growing up, this seems like their ideal wedding band."

Wow, I want one!!

The process begins with bone cell donors. Their cells were then seeded onto a bioactive scaffold. As the cells multiply, the form the shape of the scaffold, here a ring.

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I've always thought that using a diamond or gold to say "I love you" doesn't really make much sense, and is usually only a financial responsibility for one participant. But Bio jewelry literally gives your partner a piece of you. I think that is an amazing connection to have. Obviously these don't need to be taken into the context of the wedding ring, but I think it works well for that idea.

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